Sign, exchange and verify your digital documents in a highly secure and legally recognized manner.

Complete set of digital services in one place

Digital signature

Secure document

Digital seal

Seal documents on behalf of your corporation


Preserving the exact time and date of an operation

Single Sign On

Seamless user authentication experience


Easy-to-use signature verification


Reliable document sharing between multiple parties


Preserves validity of documents for very long periods of time

Simple. Fast. Secure.

Set up your account

Cloud ID uses two-factor authentication to protect access to your account and your personal information. Please make sure to download Cloud ID mobile application prior to setting up your account.

Who is it designed for?

Cloud ID is designed for everyone in need of a secure system for signing and sharing trustworthy digital documents.

Use Cloud ID and forget about printing your contracts, invoices, authorizations and other similar documents.

  • Corporations
  • Government institutions
  • Individuals
  • Real estate professionals
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance & Telco

Why Cloud ID?

Integrated in your ecosystem

Recognized by the authorities

Fully digital and cross-platform


Cost/time effective

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