Podgorica, Montenegro 15.10.2021 – at the press conference organized by Telekom Montenegro, it was announced that from now on it is possible to use services of trust such as: eTrust Signature, eTrust Stamp, eTrust Timestamp and eTrust Verification. The product that makes these services available is the result of a successful collaboration between NetSeT Global Solutions and Deutsche Telekom.

The eTrust service platform, implemented by Telekom Montenegro and based on modern technology and all security standards, will lead the society towards digitalization and provide benefits to its citizens, the economy, the public administration, as well as the environment.

This was announced at the press conference organized by Telekom Montenegro on the topic of eTrust: services of trust, at which new services were presented: eTrust Signature, eTrust Stamp, eTrust Timestamp and eTrust Verification.

The Director of the Sector for Service Development and Digital Transformation Dušan Banović said that, in the previous period, we heard a lot about the digital transformation of the country and the Western Balkans and that Telekom Montenegro, as a technological leader that follows all innovative trends in the industry, always strives to provide concrete services and solutions.

“Telekom Montenegro has decided to become active in the field of trusted services and today we are a qualified provider of trusted services in accordance with the legislation regarding electronic identity and electronic signature. To make this possible, we have implemented an eTrust platform based on modern technology and all national and international security standards, and what is important is that through the electronic signature services, the electronic stamp services, the timestamp services, as well as the verification of the validity of electronic documents, we enable all this in one place “, said Banović and the PR center reported.

As he explained, it is a living system that will monitor the users’ requirements, the development of technology, as well as all changes within the legal and legislative norms.

“This platform is something that will lead the society in the direction of digitalization in the future. It’s easy to use, from all platforms – computers, smartphones, tablets, and when it comes to security, we respect all national and international standards. So, we can say that this is a secure, easy and modern way of functioning”, Banović said.

He pointed out that eTrust provides benefits to all segments of the society and this represents a great chance for the economy and public administration to improve their business operations, save resources and improve mutual communication and communication with all individuals and legal entities.

The head of the Department for Digital Transformation at Telekom, Tanja Bokan, explained that the eTrust signature is actually a signature in the digital world.

“What a handwritten signature represents in the paper world, eTrust signature allows us in the digital. Electronic documents signed with an electronic signature have the same legal value. The same applies to eStamp; and eTrust Timestamp is a new service used to certify a certain electronic document. So, eTrust Timestamp guarantees that the electronic document really existed at a certain time. The additional role of the electronic timestamp is to extend the validity of digitally signed documents”, Bokan explained.

She said that eTrust verification is a completely new service which allows you to check whether the electronic document you received is validly signed.

“Registration will be performed online by submitting a request, following the process of document verification and personal identification and you reach your eTrust user account and your first electronic signature. The eTrust user account remains active, there is no contractual obligation. If there is a need for an electronic signature, a person can buy our commercial package for individuals through the portal – the eTrust standard package that contains 100 transactions and is valid for one year. Its price is 19.90 euros per year”, said Bokan.

The service will be commercially available from Wednesday and all those interested will be able to submit a request for registration. Citizens who register will receive 10 free eTrust actions (signatures or verifications) that will be valid within the next six months.

Bokan added that Telekom Montenegro has also started the process of internal digitalization, and that both employees and users will be able to use eTrust services.

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